1. Visit your Liecensed doctor
Getting your cannabis card is a multistep process. Firstly, you must find a licensed medical marijuana doctor who provides recommendations.
2. Receive your medical marijuana recommendation
If your doctor thinks that medical marijuana can help you through your illness or ailment, he or she can elect to write you a recommendation. In some states, this will be enough to get you into your local dispensary; however, we suggest that you check with your local or state government for more information.

3. Apply for your medical marijuana card with the state
Once you have your recommendation, you are now authorized to apply for a medical marijuana card. After reviewing your paperwork and recommendation, your state government can regulate and approve your request for a cannabis card. [For Your Information: State governments will keep a registry of all medical marijuana card holders. A recommendation tends to be more confidential, staying between the doctor and any cannabis club you visit]
4. Pay your government fees
In most states, your card or recommendation will remain valid for a year. Some states simply ask you to renew by paying a yearly fee, but others will request that you go through the entire process again
5. Get approved for a medical marijuana card
SWith all of your fees paid, application filled out, and recommendation in hand, your medical marijuana card is not far away. The State will take a brief period of time to review and approve your application.
6. Order online or visit a dispensary to buy medical marijuana
Now that you have your cannabis card, itís time to find the best medical marijuana dispensary. Craig's Weed is the best resource for marijuana deals and information on your medication.
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